Replicator - Machines Will Always Let You Down CD (RID-009)

 Says Karen Nicoletti of SkinnyMag:
With their off-kilter melodies and even more off-kilter lyrics ("It's like a surrealist painting / The kind with a giant penis serving tea to dainty old ladies" comes to mind), Oakland trio Replicator again illustrates troubled times in a technology-reliant age with Machines Will Always Let You Down. Their third full-length album - a trip to a time in which, among other horrors, life-altering nanotechnology allows microscopic machines to explode in the bloodstream - would be terrifying if not for the exuberance that constantly breaks through the surface. The jagged edges are plentiful, but they serve to create crazily built structures that inevitably come crashing down. Between declarations of "Damn right, there's evil inside" and "You will do as I command because I own you," Replicator has set themes of pessimism, corruption and oppressive fear against an appealingly chaotic sound. And for sheer magnitude of profanity, may I suggest "King Shit of Fuck Mountain" for the soundtrack to the film adaptation ofAnother Bullshit Night in Suck City?
Limited press of 500.