Torsten Mast - Bass Guitar
Daniel Wichter - Treble Guitar
Ralf Schaarschmidt - Treble Guitar, Vocals
Pascal Zimmer - Drum Kit

Torsten Mast, Daniel Wichter, Steffen Falcke, and Ralf Schaarschmidt formed Tiger Shower Caps in early 2006 in Stuttgart, Germany and quickly built up a catalog of material. They feel safe in the DIY independent music scene of their home country. Prior to forming Tiger Shower Caps the members of the band played in various other bands like Are We Electric?,Bhang DextroMotorambo and Sabet. The members have a solid live playing experience.
Angular guitars, a sharp bass, some vocals, and pounding drums are the main weapons of this post-punk noise unit. The good times of Indierock out of the 80s and 90s are the main influences.
In the middle of 2007 they decided to record in their own rehearsal facility. The stuff was taped with a 8 track Tascam Analog Machine. After recording Steffen the drummer left the band because of personal reasons. Finally they looked for a new drummer and found him in December 2007. Pascal Zimmer joined the band on drums and now Tiger Shower Caps are ready for take off!

Says Nathaniel G. Moore of Skyscraper Magazine...
Tiger Shower Caps - S/T

The Cure is a band. Now, Tiger Shower Caps is a band. Here's the difference: Tiger Shower Caps are from Germany and, quite likely, very disturbing live. That's probably a good thing, since that's what their sound initiates. The vocals spit out like asteroids or fit the dirty sound cache like an angry motor, occasionally veering off into tight, angry cries that spit from the volcanic melodies. This isn't a chill record at all; never does the effort allow the listener to get too comfortable. The chaos is evident, and energy undeniable. Regardless, the cohesive subtext is that of insomnia, agitation, and desire. The messy guitar hooks, sour milk vocals, and other aromas will have you scratching your head or reaching for your mascara, depending on your mood. On a positive note, beyond the aforementioned comparison, Tiger Shower Caps (issued in a limited edition of 500 copies) is a fantastic voyage on mushrooms that starts with a crappy and diabolical robovoice sampler. "The Joke's On Fire" hurls itself upon the senses with its malicious guitar and matching vocal rhythms. "The Cutter" races with anxiety and symbols. The familiar underlying guitars poke through the nauseous cluster. I certainly don't think the band wants to sound happy or in touch with sensitivity; their mood seems to be that of going through the motions, sounding as though they want to have fun but haven't filled out the permission slips properly. 

Says Andrew Fetter of Ghettoblaster Magazine...
Tiger Shower Caps - S/T

Score: 4 out of 5
The first track is a short dance intro that doesn't really fit, but was kinda funny so I'll let it slide. What follows is a half-hour of noisy indie-rock that's been done a lot, but is still done well in this case. This has plenty of fast moving, treble-heavy guitars that remind me of No Knife a lot. In spite of all familiarity, this never gets repetitive or loses momentum start to finish. A difficult feat to reach. 

Says Jonathan from Built On A Weak Spot... 
The Self-Titled debut from Germany’s Tiger Shower Caps is the latest release from the Radio is Down label. Formed in 2006, the band is made up of former members from Are We Electric?SabetBhang Dextro, andMotorambo. While their name alone was almost interesting enough to get me to listen to the record, I was glad to find out that the album also contains a number of good tunes on it as well. Sometimes artist bios aren’t necessarily the most accurate thing whenever I get a chance to read them, but with Tiger Shower Caps I think they were pretty close on theirs. The band does in fact sound like a mixture of 80’s post-punk and the burgeoning 90’s indie-rock set, although I would say more so the Chicago scene more than anything else as the guitars are full of that razor thin and trebly goodness that you would expect. The vocals fit the bill especially, with the singer’s frantic yelps that nicely off set the bands casual hooks and infectious melodies, not allowing the listener to get too comfortable with the record. With a name like Tiger Shower Caps, it’s obvious the band has a bit of a sense of humor as well, that works its way into the record too here and there.