Rick Dahlen - treble guitar, voice
Evan Yamakawa - treble guitar, voice
Matt Lebens - drum set

Rick, Evan, and Matt played with a complexity that many Olympians labeled as too cool for school. Indeed. Math, metal, post-punk. Evan and Matt provided backing as the rhythm section for The Quarterhorse but really took the boat to the water with this project. Rick now devotes his time to Olympia favorites Wolves in the Throneroom. Evan, sadly, passed away in August of 2006. This band, unfortunately, was shortlived. One west-coast tour with The Quarterhorse, two appearances at Wantage USA's Total Fest, and a few scarce recordings. That's about it. Rick and Matt have spoken about the possibility of going into the studio to record every song that the band wrote prior to Evan's death. Keep posted as to the possibility of a posthumous release. For Evan. We miss him.