What the fuck's up with Peter Kernel?

 I might have already mentioned something about my elevated interest in this band. In a word: Fascinating. Not since D.C.'s Early Humans were in their prime have I felt this enveloped by the artistic achievements  of a particular band. The Swiss-Canadian trio strip everything down to the foundation and rebuild with components that are few yet that are the firmest available. The group goes to complicated lengths in order to create something that is simple and easily digested by those who need nothing more than a hook and a beat. Vocals offer a call and response between male and female that's merely a complementary form of instrumentation that works with the basest of rhythms. What the band also offers is an aesthetic that's as memorable as the recordings. One member is an independent filmmaker, another is a graphic designer. It goes without saying that layouts and videos serve as an excellent backdrop to the songs. Peter Kernel are a living, breathing  audio/visual art installation that deserve proper recognition. They're as much the candy to the eye as they are to the ears and mind.  


Exhibit A:

How To Perform A Funeral (On The Camper, March 2008)

"He's A Heartattack", "I Counted Them To Die Properly", "Shoot Back", and "Smiling" are the standouts of an overall stellar collection of songs. 


Exhibit B:

White Death & Black Heart (Africantape, October 2011)

"Anthem Of Hearts", "I'll Die Rich At Your Funeral", and "We're Not Gonna Be The Same Again" are the standouts of a sophomore effort that ups the artistic ante. 


Having just stumbled upon both of these recordings I'd gladly hop into the Delorean and declare these the best albums of their respective years. Fuck the yearly lists, though. These were meant to exist within those lists of all-time. 

Written by Matt Lebens — January 29, 2015

Peter Kernel. What the fuck?

 And my new favorite band is... Peter Kernel. I shit you not.


Major props to my pal Ralf Schaarschmidt for having taken the time to pass their material along to me. The Swiss Canadian trio have been flying off radar since 2005. A few self released recordings followed by a partnership with the stellar Africantape label. This is minimalist post-punk at the core. They deviate every so often into areas that might be tagged as pop and fuzz. Turns out that "He's A Heartattack", the opening track to 2008's How To Perform A Funeral, is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. Consider this to be part one of a series of pieces on this newly discovered gem.   

Written by Matt Lebens — January 29, 2015