Tiger Shower Caps' Ralf Schaarschmidt keeps on keeping on with highly capable mid-tempo rhythm section. Excellent post-punk entry recorded by Daniel Wichter. We've got but a few on hand as this was a collaborative effort between ourselves and a handful of European labels. Hot ticket item here in the states. 



Sicilian quartet gets progressively crazy. Whose rabbit hole this resides in is anybody's guess. Torpos be torpos. Still love them. We've got but a few on hand as this, too, was a collaborative effort between what had to have been at least 1500 European labels. An exaggeration, perhaps. 

Both items come in at a reasonable $12.00US ea. Visit the RID store for these and a variety of other outdated stocking stuffers. Ho, ho, heyo!

    Written by Matt Lebens — December 13, 2015