Another year in label hiatus has lead to a bit of the cabin fever. At this time the best I've got to offer those interested in Radio Is Down is an update of sorts, surely including some things I enjoyed musically or otherwise. 

The future owner of this negative balance project turned three this year. She's a beauty. Olive-James Conrad Lebens continues to develop and grow in unimaginable ways. There's truth to what many referenced regarding the changes one goes through when raising a child. It's hard not to embrace the promise of what these little people will contribute to our fine earth. Olive-James had a righteous meltdown upon my attempt to cloak her in a hand-crafted (thanks, Katie!!!) Radio Is Down sweater again. Instead of pushing my brand you get this:

And then she took an interest in the drum kit:

Olive-James, graduate school, and the general keeping together of shit at home dominated much of the year's available time. An absolute high for the year was my wife's urging me to attend, at great cost, the Drive Like Jehu reunion at San Diego's Balboa Park. By random chance I found myself in good (Yakima, WA) company while gently nestled within the city's gay-male district. My sweet ass was naturally a hit. Several attractive men, some of them veteran clothing designers, didn't want to eat my ass so much as they wanted me to eat theirs. Took a respectful mulligan. 

Much of my musical upbringing was spent at the teat of Drive Like Jehu's Mark Trombino. The S/T and Yank Crime records put on a clinic I'd participate in on a daily basis as I learned to beat the hell out of my drums with technical precision. Below you'll find a photo of Trombino in action and a photo of his kit at the end of the 30-min reunion set. These guys, after playing to an estimated 3800, came back an tore down their own gear. Nothing but class.




Full group at the organ pavilion:


Another thing I fixated on this last year was the song Blank Screen by Dead Rider. Phenomenal. Easily one of the best I've heard in the last 10 years. I feel the need to share with every person I encounter. Have at it:


Orders for Radio Is Down recordings were few and far between. I can't blame you given the nonexistent advertising budget and the general lack of legitimate activity. Those who wandered and found the site: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best to you and yours in 2015.


Matt RID





Written by Matt Lebens — January 22, 2015